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Interior of Africa

Set of 2 African placemats 31cm in diameter

Set of 2 African placemats 31cm in diameter

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A set of two tightly woven grass placemats is a firm favourite among Africans. They are handmade by Sawzi women picking the grass by the rocks of the mountains dying, making ropes from it. Contrasting blue, natural and red grasses are superbly woven together to create a circular pattern.

Please note you can also purchase a set of 6 placemats.

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Made by Nellie

Nellie is a Swaziland designer with over 20 years of experience with her craft, creating sensational and unique woven mats and baskets as well as seed necklaces. Nellie is inspired by her family having studied her craft through her grandmother and cousin. She finds joy in being able to provide for her family, having mastered the skill of platting grass into innovative designs.