Our step by step guide on how to hang African baskets

Our step by step guide on how to hang African baskets

Stand out from the crowd and do something different with the walls in your home this year. African baskets are all the rage, especially when they are innovatively displayed on a wall. The different textures, patterns and sizes of these tightly woven baskets and how you choose to display them ensures an original display every time. Baskets provide both depth and contrast to a wall display, as well as being a sure conversation starter as they are unusual items with a rich African history.

Love the idea, but don’t know how to get started?

  1. Buy your baskets from our Interior of Africa range. We offer stunning Binga/Tonga and Gokwe baskets – these are flattish, woven baskets traditionally used to separate the grain from the chaff. And our Choma baskets are traditionally used to store grains, among other items. All are lightweight and easy to hang.
  2. Gather fishing line or something similar, tweezers, scissors, a hammer/drill and wall nails or hooks to hang the baskets on the wall. Heavier baskets will need more support than the very lightweight ones.
  3. Let your creative genius free and play around on the floor with different ways of grouping them until you hit the perfect design. Play around with the contrasting textures and colours to add depth to your display or buy multitudes of different patterns to create a striking geometry to the design. You can display them in a circular, rectangular, square or completely abstract pattern.
  4. Keep the design tight if you think you might expand the collection at some point. Although they are so easy to hang, it is simple to update the arrangement.
  5. Mark out the final hanging position on the wall for each one with a pencil. This saves adjustment time when you are in the thick of hanging the baskets.
  6. Hold the basket up to the light to determine where to weave the fishing line in to distribute the weight evenly.
  7. Thread the line through and make a loop in the centre to keep the basket flat against the wall. Using fishing line to hook onto nails instead of a nail through the basket ensures that the basket itself is not damaged and can be repurposed in the future.
  8. Sit back, enjoy and look forward to the multitude of compliments coming your way from guests to your home.
  9. Post a pic of your Interior of Africa basket wall montage to our Facebook page 

Spice your home up this season with exotic walls rich in texture, shape, colour and African culture!



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