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Interior of Africa

Mosaic eggshell elephant in varying sizes

Mosaic eggshell elephant in varying sizes

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An evocative rendering of the majestic African elephant. The ostrich eggshell elephant will appeal to all ages with its classic stance and mosaic exterior with carefully cut and placed ostrich eggshells. A sure-fire winner as a gift, although you might not want to give it away.

Dimensions Small: 14cm in length and 12cm high.

Dimensions Large: 25cm in length and 20cm high.

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Made by Nazeema

Nazeema is a Cape Town designer, making incredible mosaics, using ostrich egg shells and carved wooden animals as a base. She honed her craft by working with a company that taught her everything she knows, through simply observing she caught onto her methods of design and has now been in practice for 13 years. Nazeema is inspired by her family, seeing where her designs take her and being able to make each day better than the last.