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Interior of Africa

Grape antique nickel ostrich egg stand

Grape antique nickel ostrich egg stand

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A beautiful Buch of grapes are recreated in antique nickel to support the base for a tealight candleholder or ostrich egg. The three sculptured bunches, circle the support that is designed to hold one of the stunning and unique ostrich eggshell candleholders or decoupage eggs. Although this would make a stunning gift, with its African resonance, you might find it difficult to let go of once seen.

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Made by Monica

Monica is a designer from Bridgton in Oudtshoorn, Western Cape. For the past 17 years Monica has been making delicately decorated ostrich eggs. She learnt decoupage from her oldest sister, and quickly became an artist in her own right, being able to paint the finest details onto shells. She finds her drive and inspiration through the compliments and satisfaction of her customers.