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Interior of Africa

Handwoven floor basket

Handwoven floor basket

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The fragrantly scented Ilala palm adds a naturally evocative perfume to the air. Subtle in colour to blend in with other natural elements in the room, these hand-weaved floor baskets feature rows of palm fronds which have been artistically manipulated into a decorative pattern around their generous circumference. Place them strategically, for naturally elegant interior storage for firewood; as a hold all for tidying toys while still keeping them accessible to little hands; or as a plant holder to brighten up a dark corner with a display of lush green foliage.

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Made by Nellie

Nellie is a Swaziland designer with over 20 years of experience with her craft, creating sensational and unique woven mats and baskets as well as seed necklaces. Nellie is inspired by her family having studied her craft through her grandmother and cousin. She finds joy in being able to provide for her family, having mastered the skill of platting grass into innovative designs.