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Interior of Africa

Mosaic eggshell full giraffe

Mosaic eggshell full giraffe

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Set on a simple wooden stand, the enigmatic and totally African giraffe twists his head to gaze into the distance. Captured in a mosaic of carefully cut and placed ostrich eggshells, this piece is an evocative reminder of the African wild. While perfect for that cupboard of mementoes, this piece will finds its way to pride of place on a mantelpiece, bedside table or office desk.

Dimensions: 40cm or 63cm height

Subject to availability.

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Made by Nazeema

Nazeema is a Cape Town designer, making incredible mosaics, using ostrich egg shells and carved wooden animals as a base. She honed her craft by working with a company that taught her everything she knows, through simply observing she caught onto her methods of design and has now been in practice for 13 years. Nazeema is inspired by her family, seeing where her designs take her and being able to make each day better than the last.